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21 Ocak Cmt


Acapulco Hotel


What could be the source of the blockages in life? How could I heal these? Deep System Healing Therapy gives you the secret of whole life. Healing, improvements and change come through living with the truth. The way how these are can be known with the Deep System Healing Therapy and you gain wisdom


Yer & Zaman

21 Oca 2023 11:00 – 20:00

Acapulco Hotel, Catalkoy, Kyrenia Turkish Republich of Northern Cyprus, Ag. Epiktitos 99370



Deep System Healing Therapy is a healing methodology attained to the whole world by Hülya Kavuzlu in 2016. The methodology is carried out by starting with psychotherapy, then is continued with healing with Noor and Love frequency after the detection of the main source of the problem at the phases of body, spirit and mind, and it is completed through Noor charging (Love and Noor Coding).  DSHT® Workshop involves full-time applications after a training given on the methodology. The workshop has an applied program; it involves healing applications that are done on the attendees. Everyone can attend to the DSHT® application course in order to be able to learn the healing technique and also to have healing done on themselves.

DSHT® Deep System Healing Therapy Content

Why do the bodily diseases form?

Why do the mental problems form?

Why do the spiritual problems form?

We may encounter blockages, diseases and problems in life whose causes we do not know of. Deep System Healing Therapy Training enables you to learn the sources and solutions of these problems, as well as your powers and the healer’s-abilities in you. It is not a different channel practice as energy practices, it operates with the main source; for this reason, the frequency of the therapist is required to be raised to the Love Frequency (not equivalent to the love that we know; it is a very high frequency value), which is the highest frequency in the world. Frequency rise of all the therapist candidates attending to the training will be actualized. This technique, which uses the Love Frequency and Noor, initiates the healing of the patients at their cells and makes the healing to reach from the cell to the entirety. It raises the frequency of the patients. Therefore, each one of the therapists will be able to raise the frequency of the patients to Love frequency and to harmonize them to the Noor coming from the main source, and will ensure the healing in this way.

Deep System Healing Therapy (DSHT®) operates at the Subconscious system where the main source of the problem is present, at the Astral Body and at the Physical Body, all at the same time within the same session; it operates within the Bodily, Astral and Mental Phases at the same time; and in this way, it generates the healing at what the problem corresponds at the three fields of the patient. The problems cannot be solved utterly with a healing practice done only at physical body or only at the mind. Because, someone having disease at his/her physical body would have the disease’s corresponding at the spiritual and mental phases too, in addition to the one at the physical body. If there is a financial problem, it will not be sufficient to make the healing at mental phase only; because there will be it’s corresponding at the body and the spirit as well, in addition to what is at the mental phase. No matter which type the problem is of (disease, financial, relationship problems etc.), the Deep System Healing Therapist eliminates the problem utterly through working at three phases; such that it would not repeat again. Correction, reset, completion, repair-fixing and healing are realized at the DNA of the client, and at all layers up to the Noor layer that is beneath the DNA.

During Noor Therapy, the client may automatically fall into trance. While the therapist carries out the practice at the body and at the astral field of the client, he/she also carries out healing on mind simultaneously through the precipitation of the emotions appearing within the visions that the client may happen to watch about him/herself. The Deep System Healing Therapist guides the session of the client that is in trance state and the transformations in spiritual, bodily and mental aspects and realizes the healing.

With the Deep System Healing Therapy, one problem is resolved within a single session. The stages of the session are as the following:

The session starts with Psychotherapy and this stage continues around 30-35 minutes; subconscious codes, fears and the real causes of the problem are defined here. In the light of these information acquired, the client falls into a trance state automatically and the followings are realized: client’s subconscious cleaning, fear removal, aura and chakra cleaning, add-on and magic (influence) removal, elimination of body diseases and blockages, elimination of addictions, losing weight, modifying the main record, resolution of relationship problems, feminine-masculine energy balancing, attaining spiritual awareness, implantation of the understanding of wealth and abundancy, removal of cords and forgiving one another, healing through ancestors, recovery with past healing topics and elimination of all blockages in life.

The client becomes able to see all the truths, the causes of the blockages in his/her life, subconscious fears and codes, the state of his/her aura and chakras, if there is a negative vibration within his/her field or not, karmic effects that might have transferred from his/her ancestors, as well as mother and father cords etc. and all his/her reality. It is ensured that the client resolves him/herself all the blockages and problems that he/she detects within all these fields, at the helm of the DSHT® therapist. DSHT® training comprises of a 9 months-long training program with the topics listed below


Definition of healing, healers-ability

Noor and Love

Aura Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

Elimination of the adds-on, magic, curse and the evil eye that might be present within the magnetic field

Body Scan

Determination and elimination of blockages and diseases (panic attack, destroying the cysts and tumors, MS, paralysis cases, intestinal syndromes etc. all bodily diseases are covered)

Removal the cords

Pardoning- Forgiving one another

Angel Guidance

Subconscious Cleansing

Love Frequency and Noor Loading (setting up new codes (Wealth, Abundance, Success, Love etc.)


Definition of Therapy


Advanced Level Communication Skills

Body Language Analysis

Achieving Harmony

Understanding the Client

Session Management

Initiating the session and bringing it to the conclusion

Analysis of the Problem

Brining Awareness to the Problem

Determination of the Solution for the Problem

Reaching to the Solution Guiding the Client

Providing inculcations to the client in the most accurate way

Inculcation Methods

Documentation and Reporting

SUBCONSCIOUS Brain and Subconscious

Divine System Laws and Operation

Time Line (Going backwards in Time)

Emotion Precipitation, Subconscious Cleansing

Determination and Elimination of Fears

Cleansing of Memories

Detection of Root Beliefs and Loading New Codes

Pardoning &Cutting the cords

Forgiving one another

Returning the Codes


Definition of Trance

Definition of Hypnosis

Subconscious and Codes

Time Line (going back in time) and healing the past memories

Trance Techniques

Brain Frequencies and Brain

How to get someone into trance

Trance Methods

Going back/forth on the time line

Determination of the main cause of the problem

Transformation of the Codes

Loading new inculcations/codes

Subconscious cleansing

Coding with wealth and abundance

Communication of the angels with the client

Removal of the cords

Pardoning, forgiving one another

Interpretation of symbols and colors


Deep System® Healing Therapy Workshop includes applied sessions and the following topics are covered. The blockages faced by the attendees in their life cycles are healed.

Attendees will receive Internationally Registered Deep System® Healing Therapy Attendance Certificate approved by the Founder Hülya Kavuzlu at the end of the program.


What is Noor Healing?

How Does the Healing Take Place?

Healing Applications


11:00-12:00 DSHT® What is Noor Healing –How is it applied?

12:00-13:00 DSHT® Application (Session)

13:00-13:45 Coffee Break

13:45-14:45 Knowing Yourself (Life Analysis Study- Analysis for Reason to Come to the World – The World Taqamul Program- Analysis of Strengths

14:45-15:45 Analysis for Guilt-Accusations Throughout Life

16:00-16:45 Organ Emotional Blockage Study

16:45-17:00 Detection and Elimination of Hologram (on a topic desired to be resolved)

17:00-17:45 Study for Destroying Fears

17:45-18:30 Healing Work at the Metaphysical Field regarding the People in the Attendee’s Life

18:30-19:00 Healing Work at the Metaphysical Field on a Topic Desired to be Resolved ı

19:00-19:30 Subconscious Cleansing (Building Confidence-Worthiness-Success-Determination-Love-Self Respect-Abundance)

19:30-20:00 Presentation of Attendance Certificates

Program Closure


1. Everyone can attend to the workshop.

2.  You should not consume alcoholic beverages within the 3 days prior to the program. Although it is not strictly mandatory, you are advised to avoid meat and animal-originated food in your diet for the same period

3. Outfit for attending the program must be in white (both for top and bottom)

4. Please bring exercise mats.

5. Please bring eye masks for sleeping.

6. Please bring


Fee for International Attendees is 250 Euro



DSHT® Founder

President of the Spirituals Association

Lecturer & Author


Acapulco Hotel Kyrenia, Cyprus


11:00-20:00 (Entry will be made at 10:00 and the program will start at 11:00. The attendees are kindly requested to arrive before the program starts.)


Internationally registered DSHT® Attendance Certificates Approved by the Founder-Hülya KAVUZLU


You may register via the “REGISTER” button in order to attend to the program.

Feel free to contact us through the following numbers for your further inquiries.



Rönesans Gelişim Akademi®


Northern Cyprus and for International Calls (English)


+90 539 103 47 55

DSHT® Official Website


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